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Surface Hydrology

The study of rivers and surface storage is one of the branches where IGH technical group has developed an expertise. Specialists have performed several analysis and solutions related with: watershed water availability, optimizing water for agricultural use, energy generation, dam operating policies, design events for hydraulic infrastructure using statistical analysis, channel flow, risk areas related with flood, and calculate storage and flow phenomena, related with dams, rivers and channels.


In terms of groundwater hydrology, IGH, has experts for evaluation, diagnosis and mathematical modeling. Groundwater study, aquifer conceptual model defining, hydrochemistry and survey activities to measure and evaluate well data.  For these purposes, applied software and technologies give the necessary framework to obtain and descript results directed to decision makers.


Key benefits

  • Expert staff for field activities

  • Vanguard software for integration of results, maps and databases

  • Advanced technology for better solutions



Advanced technology

Basin and aquifer hydrology